rhythm & hues is an interior design studio based in Sydney who specialise in colour consulting, interior design and decorating, and property styling services for residential and commercial projects.

Our name, rhythm & hues, is derived from the elements and principles of design which are expressed in all aspects of our colour schemes and designs.

rhythm is one of the six principles of design, the others being harmony, balance, contrast, unity, dominance

hue or colour is one of the seven elements of design, the others being tone, texture, shape, scale, line, direction

It is also a play on the music style, “rhythm ‘n’ blues” as there are links between music and colour. Tonal combinations of colour can be described in a similar way to musical notes as chords –

a high minor chord being light and airy, a low major chord being dramatic and dignified.

Our award-winning designer can create an environment for you that is music to your eyes…

Our aim is to create beautiful environments
for our clients that suit

their needs, their style & their budget

Our mission is to
eradicate mission brown
from the Australian streetscape